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Three days remaining for the start of the Athens Equestrian Festival 2019 & Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup to be held from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo.

Markopoulo, July 22, 2019

Press Release

It is the biggest CSIO5 * -W five-star jumping event that has been organised by our country in recent years and includes the most important Nation Cup Final in 2019 for Europe Division 2, the LONGINES FEI Jumping Nations Cup Division 2 Final.

The first horses are expected today at the site, and tomorrow the horses that will travel from Central Europe by airplane will arrive in Greece.
At this year's Athens Equestrian Festival, a total of 13 countries with 90 athletes and 150 horses will take part, while in the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup final on Sunday, July 28, 8 teams will participate. Portugal, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria and, of course, Greece.

The Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo is expected to live again, after 15 years, Olympic moments. In the CSIO5*-W top names of world riding and Olympic champions are expected to take part such as: Luciana Diniz, Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida and Luis Sabiino Goncalves from Portugal, Geir Gulliksen from Norway, Taizo Sugitani from Japan, Roberto Puignero from Spain, Nadrej Oplatek from Poland and others.

From the Greek side in CSIO5 * -W Alexandros Fourlis with Grandeur, Nikolina Makarona with Arc de Triomphe, Selini Pop with Brandy Sugar, Angelos Toulopis with Idealisca and Francis, Panagiotis Tsaktiris with La Belle and Grigoris Voglis with Quelly Briquedale will participate.

CSI2 * will include Antonis Antoniou with Inca vd Withoeve, Danae Besediotis with Campino 485, Tolis Hatziargyris with Africa, Yannis Christodoulopoulos with Princess Diana Capitol, Nikos Drougas with E. Brightwood Dorado, Stavros Georgopoulos with Marisa, Cola Light and Cohiba, Maria Gunela with For Conty, Dimitra Iglesi with Fulanda, Thanos Karaidros with Lukaku and Wessels Wybe, Angelika Karakassilis with Captain Cunterbunt, Christina Konstantinou with Leonidas, Paris Koutsogiannis with Daouschka, Efthimis Kremiotis with Charmont and Dempsy, Marianssi Kyriakopoulou with Sacripan GD, Katie Laskarides with Concordia 38, Calandra 21 and Kazoom, Anna Levis with Coeur de Lion and Gijs, Monika Martinini with Let's Hope, Calysta and Electic Elvis, Annie Vatidis with C Anton H and Castor Z, Giorgos Meimarides with Larimar des Baumes, Maria Mindrinou with Anaconda CC, Maria Bourlou with Enerjy, Christina Orfanou with Bombay de Mars, Milena Pappa with Fantasie, Eh Bien Van T & L, Symeon Paraschakis with Zovidus, Dimitris Paschalidis with Nick and Malibu vd Withoeve, Artemis Pitsikou with Cosby, Semeli Pop with Arabella, Tasos Raysis with Fortuna, Helen Schut with Chicago W, Yannis Skandalis with Candice, Indy S and Venedig, Irene Spanou with Copyright, Sofia Toki with Havanna, Panagiotis Tsaktiris with Zadee, Caroline Vogdanou with Antrax, Grigoris Voglis with Imago II, Valeria Zachariou with D'Artagnan and Athena Zolotta Yara with Ulysse d'orbec and Koeka.

Everyone who visits the Olympic Equestrian Center this four-day event will have the opportunity not only to get to know the wonderful and spectacular sport of jumping, foreign and Greek riders and their horses, but also to have fun with the many parallel events. There will be a special children's farm with rare animals, there will be ponies for the chidldren to ride, ponies gentle carousel, "Recycling Amusement Park" for the little friends of the sport.

The admission at the Olympic Equestrian Center is free, while the new website of the event, with all the necessary information for the  event, entries, results is

From the Press Office HEF

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