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AEF 2019 & Longines FEI Jumping NC starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Athens Equestrian Festival 2019 & Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup will start at the Olympic Horse Riding Center in Markopoulo until Sunday, July 28th.

It is the biggest CSIO5 * -W five-star jumpimg competitions that is organised in our country in recent years and includes the most important Nation Cup Final in 2019 for Europe Division 2, the LONGINES FEI Jumping Nations Cup Division 2 Final. AEF 2019 includes seven classes in CSIO5 * -W, seven classes in Nuxe Athens CSI2 * and three classes in PremiuMares Athens CSIYH1 *.

The most important events, which will be broadcasted live by Cosmote TV, host broadcaster and communication sponsor, are the Longines Grand Prix on Friday, 26/7 at 18.30 and the Longines Nations Cup Final on Sunday, 28/7 at 17.00.

Both will also be broadcasted by the FEI TV. The remaining classes will belive streamed from HEF's youtube channel on youtube

The admission to the Olympic Equestrian Center is free.

Tomorrow the first day of the competition includes five classes with the first at 8.30. Last event of the day is at 19.00. The full programme is as follows:


Thursday 25/7/2019

08:30     Competition 1 PremiuMares CSIYH1*   heights 1.20/1.25/1.30m.

10:30     Competition 2                   CSI2*                     height  1.15m.

13:00     Competition 3                   CSI2*                     height  1.30m.

16:30     Competition 4  Argus Park  CSIO5*-W           height 1.40m.

19:00     Competition 5 Eurobank     CSIO5*-W           height 1.50m.

 Friday 26/7/2019

08:30     Competition 6  PremiuMares CSIYH1*   heights 1.20/1.25/1.30m.

10:30     Competition 7                   CSI2*                     height  1.35m. (GPQ)

16:00     Competition 8 Protergia      CSIO5*-W           height  1.40m.

18:30     Competition 9 Longines GP CSIO5*-W    height 1.60m.

Saturday 27/7/2019

08:30     Competition 10                                 CSI2*                  height  1.40m. (GPQ)

11:00     Competition 11                                 CSI2*                 height  1.20m.

16:30     Competition 12 PremiuMares            CSIYH1*             heights 1.20/1.25/1.30m.

19:00     Competition 13 WC M                     CSIO5*-W           height 1.40 - 1.60m.


Sunday 28/7/2019

08:30     Competition 14                                 CSIO5*-W           height  1.45m.

10:30     Competition 15                                 CSI2*                     height  1.25m.

13:00     Competition 16 GP Nuxe                    CSI2*                     height  1.45m.

17:00     Competition 17 Longines Nations Cup    CSIO5*-W           height 1.60m.

From the Press Office HEF

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