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Dedicated to the amazons of life and the mission of E.M.E.I.S

Athens Equestrian Festival 2022 HELD 2-5 June is dedicated to the amazons of life and the mission of E.M.E.I.S

Health Care is a Right, NOT a Privilege!

 EMEIS -Together we can achieve more …because breast cancer can be cured.

E.M.E.I.S. is the only non-profit charitable organization in Greece which not only educates the general public on prevention and early detection, but provides access to treatment to breast cancer patients who would otherwise not have any medical care.

E.M.E.I.S. is the Greek acronym for the “Scientific Society of Mastology – Treatment and Support” and stands for "we" meaning "together").

E.M.E.I.S. founded in 2011 from 7 volunteer doctors.  Today our members are 101 volunteer doctors and more than 660 breast cancer survivors and others. Our vision is to provide treatment and support to financially-deprived women battling breast cancer.


  • Complete medical support to economically compromised breast cancer patients (diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic and psychological).
  • The organization and provision of free clinical examinations to remote communities in Greece. (mainland and islands).
  • Informing the public about prevention and early detection.
  • Providing support and training to a new generation of medical professionals who wish to specialize in Mastology. (seminars, scholarships)

Particularly during this difficult time, we are experiencing in our country, we wish our activities to act as an open invitation-challenge, not just to our members but to all who empathize with our vision, to join with us in fighting the battle against breast cancer.





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