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Start at the "Athens Equestrian Festival 2022" with a victory for Greece

Markopoulo, June 2, 2022

Press release

In the best way for Greece the Athens Equestrian Festival 2022 started this morning at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo.

In the first young horses class, three Greek riders were in the first three places. Angelos Touloupis and 6-year-old Kannandillo in tjhe 1st place with 0 penalty points and a time 28.65 in 2nd phase was Dimitris Natsis with 7-year-old Cresco with 0 points and time 29.13 and in 3rd place Alexandros Fourlis with Cinamon with 0 points and a time of 32.39.

In the second today's class of 1.30m. in 2nd and 3rd place were two Greek riders, Kriton Zafeiropoulos with Cortana Z with 0 points and a time of 39.55 and in 3rd place Giannis Skandalis with Esca du Hutrel with 0 points and a time of 39.60. The winner was the Italian Francois Spinelli with Clarkson 4 with 0 points and the best time 38.43.

In the third today's class of 1.45m height. in the first three places were two Italians. 1st and 3rd place was won by Matteo Checchi with his two horses, Expo and Quiller, with clear rounds and times of 67.56 and 70.76 and in 2nd place was Francois Spinelli with Iuppiter del Laghetto with 0 points and time 68.23.

In the fourth today's class of 1.05m. two Greek amazons were in 2nd and 3rd place, Sofia Koudouni with Luxiana with 0 points and a time of 36.37 and Maria Eleni Petavatzi with PM Larida also with 0 points and a time of 40.10. The 1st place was won by the Turk Ahmet Güner Erturgut with Vladimir Klichko.

In today's last children class, first was this year's Champion Stefania Besiou with Charlie Sheen 3 with a clear round and time of 32.82, second was Amaryllis Paraschaki with Havanna van't Steenputje with also 0 points and a time of 33.50 and third Lucas Baliousis with Uidji with also 0 points and a time of 40.49.

On Sunday, June 5, the last day of the AEF 2022, just before the start of the Nations Cup with the participation of the Greek team, at 15.00, Playmobil Marla and Del, but also the beautiful miniature horses Gentle Caroussel will be waiting for the little ones at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo. At the same time, the winners of the Playmobil competition who won a large equestrian club will be awarded. Admission is free for the public.

Tomorrow Friday, the second day of competition, the program will start at 9.00 again and includes four classes, of which the last and most important Grand Prix height 1.40-1.60m. at 17.00.

From the Press Office AEF 2022 and EOI

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