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Victories for Greece in the 3rd day of the Athens Equestrian Festival 2022!

Markopoulo, June 4, 2022

Press release

Today, the penultimate day of the Athens Equestrian Festival 2022, which is being held from Thursday, June 2, at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo, continued with victories for Greece.

Another victory for Angelos Touloupis in today's first young horses classes. He rode Kanandillo and with an impeccable clear round and a time of 32.83 he was in 1st place. In 2nd place was Antonis Antoniou with Pellegrino van 't Edelweishof with 0 points and a time of 35.73 and in 3rd place Alexandros Fourlis with Cinamon with also 0 points and a time of 37.75.

In the CSI1 * class of 1.15m in the first three places were three Greek amazons. Andelina Delaporta with Gregor with 0 points and a time of 40.86, Anne Nomikou with Rushdie with 0 points and a time of 41.52 and Despina Tsafoulia with Santa Lucia B with also 0 points and a time of 41.55.

In the last and highest class of 1.40m. after a jump off,  the first place was taken by the Bulgarian Angel Niagolov with Chaccball with a double clear rounf and a time of 35.15. In 2nd and 3rd place respectively were two Italians, Francois Spinelli with Iuppiter del Laghetto with a time of 35.42 and Matteo Checci with HG’s Bliss with 0 points and a time of 36.27.

In the third today's class of 1.25m. winner was from Turkey Ozgur Ozkan with Gottilia with the fastest clear round in a time of 69.50. In 2nd and 3rd place were respectively two Greek Amazons, Monika Martini with Golden Girl 163 with 0 points and a time of 70.82 and Mariansi Kyriakopoulou with Veneur de St Hubert with 0 points and a time of 71.32.

Tomorrow Sunday, fourth and last day of the AEF 2022, the program starts at 9.00 and includes a total of four classes. Last and most interesting is the Nations Cup of the Longines EEF Series at 16.00. Greece will take part with Angelos Touloupis - Lord Mexx, Karim Fares - Captain Z, Ilias Baliousis - Casper d’Argouges and Yiannis Skandalis - Ego di Villagana, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy.




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